Fireline Experience

Our Employees, Our People, Our Family

AFS employees are more than just a roster of names and certifications, they are our friends and family.   Our employees take their job seriously, but they also enjoy and support each other.  On an incident, you can almost always tell an AFS employee by their great attitude, smile, and fun-loving antics.

At AFS, we believe that experience is our best quality.  We are always looking for new EMS personnel, but our core is our seasoned personnel.  We roster of over 80 paramedics, EMTs, PAs, nurses, and doctors who are all fireline qualified.  Most of our personnel also work in the civilian sector, so our roster is large to work around availability.  We are very proud of our people, their history, and extensive experience!

Our EMS personnel are primarily employed by or retired from Fire Departments throughout the state of Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Montana, and more.